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Top Cultural Sights for the Day After Your Berlin Pub Crawl

Berlin did not used to be the cultural capital of the world, not even the continent. Throughout history Paris and Rome always outshined other cities, not even giving a chance. In the last few decades, however, things might have changed. While the likes of the latter still boast a rich art scene, Berlin has emerged as modern culture powerhouse, where hip meets cool. This is pub crawl Berlin, and our take on the must sees of this vibrant city!

You must always check out the Berlinische Galerie first. Favorite among local and international artist, the gallery is set in a former warehouse. Now all glass and style, the building houses art from the decades after the Second World War. Admission fee €8 for adults, concessions for €5.

Ready for the weird? Head out to the Contemporary Fine Arts gallery. Established in the 90s, this art space is a true testament to what modernity should look and feel like. It is daunting, confusing, yet strangely critical and telling of our times.Admission is free.

Another free gallery is the one called Dittrich & Schlechtriem, where the hip staff is always welcoming to art enthusiasts. Known for featuring an international set of artists on their permanent and temporary exhibits, D&S is a place where one can spend hours decoding the numerous layers of art and meaning. Admission is free here as well

Checking out art might not be the best idea to cure a hangover, but believe us, the calm of a museum can do wonders to your headache! And who knows, you might even get inspired by one of these wonderful establishments – inspired to go on yet another pubcrawl with us!

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