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Safety Tips for the Berlin Nightlife

There’s nothing like an alcohol fueled crazy night spent with your lads (or gals). Yet, there are people lurking under the neon lit lights of the great city of Berlin. People with not the best of intentions. Lucky for you, we are here to give a few tips, so you can enjoy your crawl in safety!

The citizens of Berlin are by far the friendliest in Europe, yet, like everywhere else, there are shady people who are keen on taking advantage of tourists. Especially if they have had one too many drinks. Always stick together with your squad!

Watch out for your belongings! Thieves can easily pickpocket you, especially in a crowd. Always keep your phone and money somewhere safe and secure - don’t put it in your backpocket!

Some areas are dangerous for foreigners. Face it, every city has those. Always check comments and reviews before heading out into the nights. Even if your safety is not in danger, your money may be. Better safe than sorry!

Sometimes trouble comes without any warning signs - always make sure you have the number of the local police, also, your embassy number can come handy too.

Always bring a map! Your battery has a limited life, but paper doesn’t. Don’t wander off the grid, stay on the route you already planned!

Sadly there are many, many unexpected things that can happen in any city. I am 100% sure you don’t want the thought of this to overshadow the joys of your party. Preparing for all of the optional situations would require days, maybe even weeks. Why waste your time with overcomplicating things? Instead, put your faith in our seasoned party pros! Pub tours in Berlin are especially made for tourists like you!

Pub tours offer free drinks and shots, and additionally, entry into the best clubs in town, and the best part? No standing in the lines! Forget about all the worries - it’s about time to book now and stay awesome!

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