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Recommended Spring Events in Berlin


Berlin is always a good destination to visit, and if you’re easily charmed by outdoor events and venues, you’re gonna love spring here! If you want to check out something besides a good Berlin pub crawl, this article is here to help. We list a few things to raise your interest – it won’t be too hard to find something, as there’s always something happening in Berlin 24/7...

Berliner Frühlingsfest – 03.28-04.22.

Are you a fan of amusement parks? If so, you should totally visit this festival, which takes place in a park by Kurt-Schumacher-Damm and will operate with over 70 rides, including roller coasters, go-kart tracks, carousels, and so on! At night you can enjoy the colorful lights of these rides and fireworks, obviously. There are great food stalls to keep your stomach satisfied while you’re having fun, and of course, you can have quality beer as well – be careful with that though! You can probably imagine what happens when you combine beers and roller coasters...

Easter bonfire in Britzer Garten – 03.31.  

On Easter Eve from 6 p.m. you can shoo away all the winter spirits with a great bonfire, located in the wonderful Britzer Garten of Berlin. A nice, chill evening by the lakes, with live music – it’s a perfect choice for a spring holiday!

Kirschblütenfest at Gärten der Welt – 04.15.

On the 15th of April, Gärten der Welt will be crowded by Berliners and tourists. They all have a common interest for sure: they are huge admirers of Japanese culture. Kirschblütenfest is also known as Cherry Blossom Festival, and it is dedicated to the Asian traditions, including arts, food and other various programs besides the beautiful sight of blooming cherry trees.

Gallery Weekend Berlin – 04.27-29.

Berlin is one big melting pot of contemporary artists. If you’re interested in arts, you’ll simply love the last weekend of April, when over 50 exciting galleries in Berlin will be open 24/7 for two days, and you can take a look on hundreds of pictures, sculptures and other amazing art pieces. Visit gallery-weekend-berlin.de for more details!

MyFest 2018 – 05.01.

As Labour Day arrives everyone goes outside to celebrate. People gather in the Kreuzberg area on the streets: there are political demonstrations, and lots of forms of entertainment. Live music, stage performances, arts, food, and a lot of merry folks.

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