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Public Transportation Tips for Berlin


Taking public transportation in a foreign city always requires considerable research time. Whether it is the ticketing system, the local customs, or just what are the main junctions, navigating these foreign landscapes can feel like a second job – and not like you are on your holiday! Luckily for you, here at Pub Crawl Berlin know these struggles, we have been there, we have done that. Here’s our survival guide for the Berlin public transportation system. Watch and learn!


Stop, It’s Bahn Time


So first of all, let’s talk trains. Germans like the trains, and Berliners are no different. In fact, there are several train types in the city, and this can be quite confusing for first time visitors. Learn these tho phrases: U-bahn and S-bahn. The former stand for underground trains, while the latter is for their suburban buddies. One takes you under town, the other, out of town!


Get The Right Ticket


Berlin, like many major metropolitan areas has a complicated ticketing system, where the all the needs of a passenger are met, may he or she be a tourist and or a grumpy local. There are three fare zones in the city (A, B and C), and some passes only incorporate the inner areas, while others include the outer edges. If in doubt which one you’ll need, Google, or just ask at the ticketing station!


Enter the Nachtbus


Berlin is a bustling metropolis with a rich nightlife, after all, pub crawls only happen in the best of the best party cities! But public transportation people do have to sleep, meaning there comes a point in the night, where regular service ends. Lucky for us party people, there is a service that spans the whole city even in the late (early?) hours of the night. This is the Nactbus, running between 1 am and 5 am. Don’t worry, it’s safe and runs like clockwork, and you will never have to worry about getting back to your hostel after a crazy pub crawl.

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