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Pub Crawl Berlin Presents: Best Club Venues

Berlin is the beating heart of youth culture in Central Europe. With lots of events to offer, most visitors have a tough time finding the best places to visit. Bars, pubs, sights and tourist activities, picking the best of the best is not always easy. Luckily, the crew here at Pub Crawl Berlin has your back, this is our list of the best club venues for the city!

Forget about Nixon, Watergate is the place to be in Berlin! This is your perfect destination if you are into hip clubbing, a nightclub to rule them all! With an always buzzing atmosphere, Watergate has got your partying needs covered. Come here if you want a safe, but always exciting bet! Their line-up is pretty neat every week of the year, regardless of seasons or holidays. Pub crawl recommended!

White Trash
Looking for a fun place to meet, but would like to hear a bit of a familiar chatter? White Trash is the number one meeting point for expats living in Berlin. And with its rich startup culture, the city has a sizable expat community! Come here for a good beer, great chat, maybe even a bit of a dance. Great to hang out before your pub crawl! The food is also great!

About blank
A truly Berlin experience. About blank is a hip, youthful club that has a lot to offer, even after your pub crawl! It’s unique style of urban decay will capture the imagination at a glance. It is useful to know that the local gay community also favours this place with their cult parties “Homopatic”!

And if you ever feel like leaving all these clubs and bars behind, strap on your party hat and embark on the journey of a night with Pub Crawl Berlin! We have crawls every day, ready to introduce you to the buzzing bar scene of Berlin. What are you waiting for? registration form

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