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Lovely Public Parks of Berlin to Chill at

If you want to get ready for a night of pub crawl in Berlin, or just had one, you might head for one of the finest parks of the city to chill a bit. There’s nothing like leaning back on a bench under the shade or enjoying a little sunshine once in a while to get a break from it all. Not to mention that these attractions are free and always available. Berlin boasts of excellent parks and it would be a shame not to include them into your visit.

Probably the most famous park in the city is the Tiergarten, the green heart of Berlin. Next to the Brandenburg gate, you will see a line of trees that soon become a whole forest with small paths leading to ponds and statues. During the summer months, you might want to include it into your pub tour, because it is always a great idea to have a cold beer outside. The park is frequently visited by locals, which makes it an ideal place to make new friends.

For curing a hangover or getting some fresh air, you should see Volkspark Friedrichshein with its lush greenery and perfect little ponds. There are some nice statues and works of art scattered around the park and you will see locals spending their free time in one of the restaurants or cafés.

A cool place to see is the Tempelhof Airport, which used to be a busy airfield in the 20th century, but it was closed down to traffic several years ago. You can practice your roller blade, kite blade or jogging skills here because the runway and the large paved area make an excellent surface for these sports. Young Berliners flock here to have a picnic or practice their hobbies.

Either you’re preparing for a night of pub crawl in Berlin or just want to blow off some steam, the city parks are an excellent way to relax and get yourself ready for a busy night. Just make sure to book your next pub crawl with us!

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