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Lesser known German drinks


Those who seek a true pub crawl in Berlin must, at first, get acquainted with some of the drinks this country has to offer. If you think that Germany is all about beer, than the following article will prove you wrong!

In a country where drinking traditions are more than a thousand years old, you should try the best of the bunch. When summer hits the streets of Berlin, people turn to the step-brother of beer, called Radler, literally meaning bike-rider. It is beer mixed with lemonade to be more refreshing and easier to drink in the heat.

After a hearty meal, or as a pub tour starter in Berlin, get a little schnaps to help digestion or to kick in the party. Schnaps in Germany is not what drinkers in the US are used to, it’s a strong liquor made of pear or apple and served as a shot.

For those arriving in the winter, a Christmas market is a must do. Germans love to spend some time in these colorful and chaotic places that also serve alcohol: the Glühwein, which is mulled-wine to be exact, served with fruits and exotic spices to warm you up in the cold.

If you think that Germans can’t produce wine, you couldn’t be further away from the truth. The country has excellent white wines, the best flavor is probably the Riesling. Originally the Romans brought it over from Italy to make Germania a little bit easier to cope with. Mostly grown in the south of the country, German wines make an excellent choice and are now enjoyed all across Europe.

When there is a celebration in the family, Germens open a bottle of Sekt. It is a sort of sparkling wine, usually white wine that can be found in every supermarket. It can give a boost to your party especially if you’re celebrating with the locals. Make sure to open a bottle if somebody has a birthday!

If you’re well-versed in the art of drinking German style, just click our website and choose the Berlin pub tour and have a blast with us!

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