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Know Your Liqueur – How Alcohol Affects the Body?

From a medical perspective, alcohol is probably not the best thing to consume. Well, we do it anyway, mostly on a Berlin pub tour, when you party till the morning light with your friends. If you take a quick look at the effects of alcohol, you might have better chances of surviving next day’s hangover.

The most common effect you can feel is alcohol’s strong influence on the nervous system, namely the brain. When you drink a lot of booze, the chemicals build up inside your body and affect the communication center of the brain. This is the part when a drunk person fails to formulate sentences, his or her mood changes suddenly and starts to behave irrationally. The science is simple, large amounts of alcohol consumed under a short period takes its toll on the nerves and disrupts the pathways in your brain. Of course, alcohol leads to bad decisions in this instance, as you might already know.

Same thing goes for your digestive system. You can remember from your last hangover that thirst, dry mouth and headache appear after a long night of drinking. Alcohol, like coffee, drains your fluid reserves and leaves you dehydrated. It doesn’t matter you had a lot of beer, which has a good amount of water in it, it leaves the body earlier than alcohol. Make sure to drink enough water after a binge drinking day.

Short term excessive drinking can drain your immune system. As the body is fighting the alcohol inside you, the immune system weakens, thus it cannot defend you against infections. If it’s cold outside, or a virus is transmitted to you from someone else, you’re more likely to become ill if you consume alcohol in large quantities for a longer period.

Having a responsible party is what you will get on a pubcrawl in Berlin. Alcohol tolerance is different for all of us, so you need to figure out when it is enough for you. Don’t drink to enjoy yourself, just get into the mood and feel the party. You can’t enjoy a pub tour if you’re unconscious, right? So, get your bags together and book your Berlin pub crawl adventure today with us!

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