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The brief history of German beer, as presented by Pub Crawl Berlin

The Bavarian Beer Purity Law This famous food law from 1516 has been recognized by the European Parliament, through which the German recipe of beer-brewing is protected. The law also lays out strict rules about what constitutes real beer: only water, hops, malt and yeast.

Bock Are you drinking a beer wit a goat on it? That is probably a traditional bock. It has many variants but the original bock is strong, toasty, bready and a little bit sweet. A maibock is slightly lighter and hoppier. It has been released in the month of May, hence the name. A doppelbock is a very dark beer, usually with caramel flavor and chocolatey or fruity notes for the darker varieties. The icebock is the king of all the bocks. For this one the water has been frozen out of the beer. It is very intense, fruity and usually around 9-14%.

Schwarzbier Schwarzbier or black beer is even darker than doppelbock and it is the darkest of the German beers. Despite of its ominous appearance it is actually a pretty easy drinking 5% beer with a little bit of roastiness.

Regional variants In Germany most beers are local products rarely found outside their towns of origin. Wherever you go, there is going to be a beer you have never heard of. You can find excellent beer destinations beyond the Oktoberfest. Explore these rare beer destinations and discover regional tastes. Bypass the industrial breweries and scout out family-run breweries that have been in business for more than 600 years.
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