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Hiking around Berlin


A Berlin pub tour will be the craziest adventure of your lifetime! Just make sure to bring friends and prepare yourself for the ultimate party experience. Don’t forget though, Berlin has a lot to offer and you can connect with nature around town. Find a cozy biergarten to blow of some steam before your next night adventure!

To find a nice hiking trail in Berlin, you will need to take public transport and follow the signs. Germans love nature, so you will meet a lot of people on the road. Choose from our favorite picks below!

Taking a relaxing stroll around a lake is a truly rewarding experience. The roughly 20 km long path around Müggelsee is your best option. Take a train to Wilhelmshagen and start your way around the lake. Stop by at a local biergarten to replenish your liquid supply. The trail takes you into the forest, and you have to take a ferry to reach the end of the loop. The network of canals and the German small town experience will surely be relaxing.

If you want to have a great view of the city, head for the Drachenberg and see the city skyline from a distance. The trail is around 8 km long and starts at Heerstrasse S bahn station. Go to the sand dune close by, than make your way to Teufelsberg and slowly climb up to Drachenberg. It surely worths it for the view.

To visit a scenic and quiet corner of Berlin, head for the Schmöckwitzwerder bus station and start your hike around the peninsula. Cross the bridge and head towards Akademia Schmöckwitz and stop by for a little food at the nearby guesthouses. The buildings slowly disappear and you will find yourself in the forest. Finish to loop by heading back on the other side of the peninsula.

After taking a nice walk, take a pub crawl in Berlin, to be part of a cool nightlife experience. There’s no party scene like Berlin, but you have to see it to believe it! Think, dream and visit our website to have the time of your life!

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