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Getting budget accommodation in Berlin

Berlin is one of the best European capitals to visit: great party scene, lots of history, cool architecture and affordable prices. Finding budget accommodations in Berlin is pretty simple, as the prices are some of the lowest in Western Europe. You can find places that are near bars and clubs. Going for a pub crawl in Berlin is a good way to get to know people, have fun and visit top venues.

Hostels are always a cheap option when visiting Berlin. Prices go as low as €14 per night in a central location. Staying at a hostel is a great idea if you are traveling alone or with a group because there are rooms that can be rented for four or more persons. The cheapest rent is for large dorms with over 10 people. You may not have a lot of privacy, but you get to meet fellow travelers, which is always a rewarding experience.

Airbnb is popular in Berlin and you can find cheap rooms through it. In most cases, you will be renting a room from someone’s apartment. This means that the owner may live with you throughout your stay. These are usually the cheapest options. There are people who rent an entire apartment, but they also charge more. People who host on Airbnb will usually stay out of your way. Your host can offer great tips and travel advice. They can recommend things to do and see, as most of them are Berliners.

You can even stay for free in Berlin, provided you find a host on Couchsurfing. Coachsurfing means getting accommodation from a stranger who lives where you want to visit. In this case, Berlin. They aren’t complete strangers because the website has a rating and feedback system. You can also see their profiles and talk with them before accepting their offers. Coachsurfing is a great way to meet people and to crash at their place (for free)!

Remember to uphold local drinking laws at all times, and register for your Pub Crawl Berlin night of awesomeness!

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