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Getting around in Berlin


Get ready for the ultimate adventure in Germany, your Berlin pub tour! Aside from making your travel arrangements and booking your pub crawl with us, you will need to know how to get around town. Let us give you a short overview of local transport options!

The best option you can choose is definitely public transport. The German capital has 9 metro lines, 15 S-bahns, 22 tram lines and more bus lines than you can imagine.  In fact, the city has a nice ranking among the top 10 longest metro networks in the world. Given this fact, it is highly recommended that you choose rail transport once in town. It is easy to navigate, takes you to important sights and most stations have ticket dispensers, so you can get everything done at the same time. Just make sure to have a good map of the lines and get the most necessary bearings of Berlin.

Some parties tend to end late at night, as they supposed to, so you might want to check out night transport options. Taxis are the easiest and most convenient options, though pricing can be an issue if you’re on a budget. Most companies are reliable and take you where you need to go, just remember to ask for the meter! A cheaper option is night buses. After 1.30 AM the underground lines stop operating, so look for buses that follow these lines with the letter N on the display.

An often overlooked way of discovering the city is via ferries. The extensive waterway network is mostly, but not entirely owned by the local transport authority, so tickets can be used there. Aside from seeing the city, you can make a chill day for yourself. Also, if you stick to sights in the inner city, walk the distances since they are close by. This way, you can appreciate the city’s architecture too.

If you feel ready for a true pub crawl adventure, visit our site and make a booking right now! The city of true traditional beers, latest European party chic and state of the art music clubs await you and your friends!

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