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Germany's Most Famous Drinks - That Are Not Beer

What is the first drink, that comes to your mind when thinking about Germany? Beer? Well, sure, Germans love their beer, but they also have so much more to offer drinkwise! We collected the most famous ones, that you can try if you are not a big beer-drinker. 


Let's start with the one that the whole world knows about! Some say that Jagermeister is a health-beneficial drink because it consists of 56 herbal ingredients. A great drink if you have a sore throat or just want to get super wasted. Pro party-goers in Berlin mix it with an energy drink, but we suggest you stay away from that version if your life is dear to you.


People outside of Germany tend to think that schnaps is just another way of saying Jagermeister, however, it's a bit different. It's a very strong liquor made from fermented fruits. Germans usually drink it before and after eating a huge meal to help digestion - but it's also a great way to start the party or pub crawl with a schnaps shot! 


There's no winter without glühwein (or as known as other countries, mulled wine) in Germany! Usually, they make it with red wine and also you can add an additional shot to it, to make it more punchy. If you visit Berlin in winter, starting your pub crawl with a nice big mug of glühwein is a must!


Wine is not the first thing to come to our mind when thinking about German drinks, however, Germans have surprisingly good beers, mostly Rieslings. If you are not a huge beer drinker yourself, we highly recommend a nice glass - or a bottle - of dry wine of Germany. 

Mixed Beer

Okay, okay, we said that this article is not about beers - but mixed beers are not really beer at all. German pubs offer beer with lemonade or beer with coke, syrups and so on. If you can't stand the taste of beer, maybe these mixed drinks will be the solution for you. Why not try one of those in your next pub crawl in Berlin? 

+1 Mineral Water

Did you know that there's a difference between water and water? You can choose from more than hundreds of mineral waters in Germany and most of them are carbonated. They really taste like something else in this country, and they will definitely be your best friends after a long night out on a Berlin pub crawl. 

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