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German Pub Rules and Regulations


As they say, German people in general are likely to follow the rules. But did you know that Germany is one of the most permissive countries when it comes to alcohol consuming?

We all know that German people have beer flowing in their veins instead of blood - no wonder, as they are allowed drink beer from a very young age. The only thing they focus on is to take care of the kids at all times by not keeping them away from alcohol but teaching them how to drink it wisely.

At the age of 14 you can drink beer and wine as well, if at least one of your parents (or a custodian) is taking care of you. Of course, going on a Berlin pub crawl with your parents can be a bit awkward in most occasions – let’s just admit, most people usually like to go on pub crawls with friends around.  But don’t worry, if you’re over 16, you can already do that in Germany, the only rule is that you still can’t drink any distilled spirits – only wine and beer for the sweet sixteens, and it’s kinda reasonable if we think about it.  

If you reach the age of 18, you basically count as an adult. Therefore you can go anywhere you want to go and drink anything you’d like to drink, including distilled spirits. Or at least almost anywhere you want, as closing hours in Germany are pretty casual too. Most of the times the bars are open as long as there are customers, there are only a few open-air places that close around  11 p.m., but that’s rather unlikely in bigger cities. Speaking of open-air places, did you know there are some venues where you can smoke cigarette not just outside the pub, but in the pub as well? That’s right, smoking bans didn’t affect German pubs that much. The only rules to follow are these venues have to be one-room bars and clubs smaller than 75 square meters, where they don’t serve any food.

By the way, never forget to eat some before going out to a heavy party in Germany – trust us, you’ll be really grateful to yourself the next day!

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