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Food Guide By Pub Crawl Berlin

German cuisine might not be known for its colorfulness, but think again - Berlin and its rich street food and restaurant culture will prove you wrong! The city of culture, hip and young people is always ready to impress everyone with its latest ventures into international cuisine. So, foodies rejoice, this is Pub Crawl Berlin and a list of our favorite street food joints!

Currywurst at Konnopke's Imbiss
Curry and wurst, how can that be you say? Oh you do not know what you have been missing all your life. This is the German multikulti at its best, where the traditional local wurst (sausage, if you did not happen to know) meets the indian power powder that is curry. A match made in heaven!

Steak at The Bird
With its authentic American beef, The Bird is a full blown steakhouse of great taste. Why street food then? Because they are great, cheap, and do let you take away your burger. The staff is 100% American, so do expect warm hospitality!

Hen House, or Hühnerhaus
Ok, that one is a bit hard to pronounce, but their grilled chicken is worth every damn tongue twisters there is. For a few euros so will get a generous amount is delicious, spicy chicken, ready to blow away your senses!

Miss Saigon
Its central location - close to our pub crawl! - makes it an ideal candidate for hangover tours (or so our customers tell us. We never drink. Ever. Promise.) Miss Saigon sells the best vietnamese meals in town, with an amazing pho soup. If you want to get a table do phone ahead, especially in the evening.

So, whenever you are getting ready for a pub crawl (or just trying to survive the hangover of one), hit one of these places up and get ready to party!

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