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Five Tips for a Crazy but Safe Party


As they say, a little party never killed nobody – and we really wish it was true, although we all know that it’s unfortunately not. Yes, we know, when you’re on a pub crawl, in the fifth (or sixth...? Who’s counting?) bar, drinking your fifth (again, who’s counting, really) drink it’s hard to follow, but if you do, no party ever has to turn out badly. Here are the most important rules to follow when you go out.


Alcohol breaks

Take a break in alcohol consumption with a non-alcoholic beverage! This helps you not to pass out early and keeps you hydrated. Try it and drink a glass of juice between two beers, or switch your every third alcoholic drink to a glass of water. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.


Never leave anyone behind

If you’re going out with a group (which is valid for almost every people who attend to parties), make sure everyone is all right, check on each other occasionally! Okay, there are some situations when you don’t have to... But make plans before you go out how to help out each other if there’s an unpleasant situation. And when you decide to leave, leave together and at least send a message for one another that you arrived home safely.


Watch your drinks

Basic rule: always hold your beverages. If the situation allows, pour it yourself. But always pay attention to your drinks, no matter what, because sadly not everyone is as trustable as they seem.


Never drink and drive

If you go out by car, always agree before who will stay sober and drive you home. Okay, sometimes it can get out of hand, but you’ll always have other options: you can hire an official driver to take you and your car home safely, or you can just leave the car and call a taxi. Never ride with someone who has been drinking or using drugs.  



Always eat before these occasions, and it’s the best if you can eat something during partying as well. Food absorbs alcohol, so you won’t feel that miserable tomorrow. Again, you’ll thank yourself in the morning...

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