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Five Drink Everyone Should Try on Their Pub Crawl

Germany is known for its rich drinking culture, most importantly a fine and professional taste for quality beer. Beer lovers do rejoice, a pub crawl has plenty quality German beer at hand, but drinking ale is only part of the full pub crawl Berlin drinking experience! This is our guide to what German drinks to try and avoid on your pubcrawl!

1. Fassbrause
Fassbrause, or more easily remembered as “keg soda”, is a fruity cider that goes smoothly with mostly all drinks. Locals drink this in volume during the hotter summer days and nights, while for the rest of the day it is a potent companion for cocktails. With its distinct spicy taste you will soon learn to love Fassbrause!

2. Jägermeister
The son of all parties. Jägermesiter has now become a global brand, known for starting crazy parties across the world. Despite its mainstream popularity, Jägermeister remains close to the average German heart. People drink it. People party. Hilarity ensues. So, when in Rome...

3. Gluhwein
A typical Christmas specialty, Gluhwein is essentially heated wine with a few special additives that make it a sweet, heartwarming experience in the cold of winter. The spicy, cinnamon-rich taste of Gluhwein has an almost childishly endearing positive quality to it, making it a must try in the colder months of your pub crawl visit!

4. Club Mate
This is your genuine Berliner drink. Club Mate is a highly caffeinated Bavarian drink that will surely blow your mind. While on its own it is not alcoholic, locals do love to mix it with vodka for example, and vodka-mate is a potent drink, a party force to reckon with!

Remember to uphold local drinking laws at all times, and register for your Pub Crawl Berlin night of awesomeness!

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