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Daytrips from Berlin


After a cool night of pub crawl in Berlin a little fresh air and some cultural activities wouldn’t hurt you. Berlin is a great city in itself, but there are some amazing activities just nearby that can be covered in a day trip. Here’s a list of our top picks!


Curing a hangover or just blowing of some steam? A perfect lakeside environment awaits you at Lake Wannsee for some chill on the white sand. The lake has been the summer escape spot of Berliners for centuries, so you will get to see some luxurious cabins and villas all along the shores. Yachts and speedboats are abundant, and you can rent a boat to paddle around a bit. The place is famous for Villa Marlier, turned into a museum, where several important decisions of the Third Reich were taken.


Probably the most often taken day trip from Berlin is the Royal Castle and gardens of Potsdam just an hour away from the city. The once busy town used to be the seat of the Kaiser, where the famous Sanssouci Palace stands with its green gardens spread all around the land. The castle is open for visits, so you can see the rooms of Frederick the Great, former king of Prussia and the adjoining vineyards. Tours are available for a more comprehensive visit.


Another green destination is the remarkable forest of Spreewald an hour south of Berlin. The place is a natural park, mostly uninhabited, with dozens of canals and waterways scattered around the pristine forest. This is the picture perfect rural German countryside that you see on postcards. Small villages nearby offer traditional food and a little tranquility from the vibrant Berlin party scene.


If you want to extend your Berlin pub tour to another city, or just looking for a different experience, head to Leipzig! One of Germany’s oldest cities, home to many of the countries great minds, with a huge cathedral and well-preserved old town. The city has some nice pubs as well, so you can get a taste of local brews to add to the experience.

Feeling excited? Book your pub crawl in Berlin and take part in the unique experience the city’s nightlife has to offer!

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