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Coolest Underground Bars of Berlin


Unmarked doors everywhere you go: that’s a typical Berlin street scene, especially when you want to explore hidden underground bars instead of going on a regular pub crawl – they surely know how to hide from the masses of tourists! But to be honest, if you can’t find them it’s not your fault: they are ridiculously hard to locate, even if you live in the city for a while. But keep searching, as these bars are really worth to looking for!

The Black Lodge

If you’re into Twin Peaks, the name of the bar might sound interesting to you. Yes, Twin Peaks really is the reason why they named it The Black Lodge. You’ll probably won’t find this one for the first time – well, for the first few times to be exact. But don’t feel stupid: there’s only a small business card pinned to a board where it’s located – to tell the secret the address is Sanderstraße 6 in Neukölln. If you manage to get in you’ll find the perfect Twin Peaks influenced bar with some exciting and familiar scenery you’ll probably recognize from the odd universe of David Lynch.


The name isn’t a coincidence, as this venue is located next to the Märchenbrunnen, or ‘fountain of the fairytales’ in Volkspark. Once you’ll get there, you might feel you’ve just in the middle of a Tim Burton movie – it’s breathtaking design resembles the world of Alice in Wonderland. There are even fairytale-themed delicious cocktails, for example the „Cinderella”, served in a glass shoe. Of course all the bartenders are dressed up in full costumes to fit the environment and complete the experience.


Paloma Bar

A building covered in graffiti and a Kaiser store: that’s what you’ll find if you’re looking for Paloma Bar. Before you get disappointed, we tell a secret again: it’s above the grocery store! After you passed through the not-so pleasant metal gate and take the depressing concrete stairs, you’ll find this hidden jewel more pleasing than expected! A groovy, ’70s style with a surprising panorama, it’s one of the truly old school Berlin bars.

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