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Best Christmas Markets in Budapest


Are you a fan of Berlin pub tours? If so, take a look at Budapest and make sure to try a great party night in the Hungarian capital. December is here, so are Christmas markets. Get your mulled wine glasses filled and see the best markets Budapest has to offer!

Christmas markets in Hungary have a long tradition and they tend to attract locals and tourists alike. In the past years, tourism has grown significantly in Budapest and it is now an all year round destination. New venues are opening up to serve the masses who need some hot drinks to cope with the cold of the winter. Basically, all of these markets are close by, only a few minutes walking, so you can visit all of them easily.

The largest and oldest of all Christmas markets in the city is the one situated on Vörösmarty Square, right in the city center. It covers the whole enormous square by now with a great selection of fresh and hot food. Make sure to try chimney cake here as some of the best vendors are found here.

Another great place to spend your time is the market on Erzsébet Square. The former building of the bus terminal houses a number of restaurants and cafés. In front of them, you will find a great selection of mulled wine, hot tea, pálinka or artisan products from local farmers.

A favorite place for people to gather is Saint Stephen’s Basilica. As it is a main tourist attraction in the city, you will surely find it. Every winter, in front of the building, there is a large Christmas market with vendors selling festive food and drinks. Look for sweets here as most stalls tend to open up here. In addition to all of this, you can try ice skating on a small rink in the middle of the square.

Budapest has everything you need for a nice winter holiday with a true festive spirit in town around Christmas time. Get yourself ready for a unique experience, as Budapest is a party capital of Europe, enjoy pub crawls here or in Berlin! The fun will be guaranteed!

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