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Bartalk With Pub Crawl Berlin

When talking about the most poetic languages people might neglect to mention German. Not surprisingly, the brash turmoil of consonants sound more like a freight train, then a proper language. This can discourage learners, but the language of Goethe is one that might fool you! Here at Pub Crawl Berlin we feel that a few nifty phrases can make or break a night!

On a typical pub crawl you will meet quite an international crowd, meaning that almost everyone will speak English. As for the local, most of the younger generations have a firm grasp on the basics of the language, so you will almost never feel lost in the sea of long German words! Almost.

Hallo, ich komme aus…
This one is pretty basic. Means ‘I come from…’, good place to start a conversation!

Ich verstehe nicht.
I don’t understand. Good place to end a conversation.

Sprechen Sie Englisch?
Do you speak English? Again, pretty basic, but can be a lifesaver!

Zwei Jägermeister bitte!
Two Jägermeister please! (Also, don’t forget: beer is Bier in German!)

Ich habe so einen schlechten Kater!
I have a horrible hangover!

Wie viel kostet die/der/das…?
How much does the … cost? As for the der-die-das, just pick one randomly. That’s how I learned German.

Ich liebe dich!
I love you. Pretty basic, right? Maybe we need something more flamboyant.
If you ever have a local crush, say these words and you will be in:

Ich bin bis über beide Ohren verliebt.
Meaning ‘I’m head over heels in love.’ Sweet, right?

Learn these phrases and you will have an easier time befriending locals on your pub crawl! Remember, going on a party in a foreign city is great fun that can be made even better with a little immersion – and what better way to learn about a culture, than to master a few phrases! Book your pubcrawl today and experience Berlin for yourself!

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