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Best Backpacker Bars in Berlin

Berliners wouldn’t know it but backpacker bars rule. These bars have something special to offer whether it’s because prices are reasonable – or super cheap – their excellent ambience and great music call for tourists and locals as well. If you are scouring Berlin for cheap booze or simply a fantastic bar to chill at then we have got you covered. Here are some of the best backpacker bars in Berlin.

Kranken bar If you want to relax and unwind then Kranken bar is the place to be. Kranken bar is a calm, relaxing oasis in the midst of craziness and hard partying. Backpackers are drawn to the ambience of this high-rated bar in Berlin. Kranken offers cheap specials and are full every night of the week. And yes, the drinks and food are fantastic.

Hops & Barley Hops & Barley is known for its friendly and excellent customer service, chill vibe, great music, cheap drinks and excellent food. It’s a great place if you find yourself just wanting to relax at the end of the day.

Salon Schmück Schwarzbier or black beer is even darker than doppelbock and it is the darkest of the German beers. Despite of its ominous appearance it is actually a pretty easy drinking 5% beer with a little bit of roastiness.

Badfish Badfish is another popular bar for backpackers that offers affordable drinks, snacks and live music. The Badfish is a real backpacker haven in Berlin. This cool place is to go if you also wish to mingle with other foreigners. It is also known to carry a wide selection of spirits. The drinking crowd at the Badfish tends to mix with the crowd from neighboring bars and restaurants – until it is one big drinking party!
Come with us on a pub crawl of a lifetime as we visit the best pubs and bars of Berlin!

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