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Things to Do in Berlin, If You Are Short On Time

You can easily spend a whole week in the capital city of Germany, but we get it: most people usually just spend 2-4 days in Berlin. But how to make the best out if it? We know the answer!

Go on a walking tour around Berlin

Yes, we know, some of you prefer the sightseeing buses, but nothing compares to a nice, long, tiring walking tour if you really want to get to know a city! If you are walking, it's easier to slow down and take a close look at everything and you also get to know the buzz of the city: so why not try this next time? 

A lot of companies offer free (!) walking tours around Berlin with qualified tour guides who speak multiple languages and they are glad to answer all of your questions. Is there any better way to know a city, than walking it around with locals? 

Check out all the graffiti

Speaking of walking tours: why not get to know Berlin in an unusual way? As you might know, this city is full of graffiti, and a lot of them have a complex meaning behind it. There are local tour guides, who are specialized in the local graffiti and offer (again!) free walking tours around these special forms of art. 

Flea markets have a cult following around here

If you really want to catch a glimpse of the true Berliner life, we highly recommend visiting one of its iconic flea markets - even if you are not planning to buy anything. They sell the weirdest, loveliest and sometimes very unusual stuff, that you can't find anywhere else in the world!

Brandenburger Tor

We wanted to collect not-so-typical programs for you, but let's face it: you literally cannot go home without visiting the Brandenburger Tor, or as known in English, the Brandenburg Gate. It's history right in front of your eyes! There are tons of special and life-changing things that happened here, and nowadays it's the symbol of the German and European unity. 

The Holocaust Memorial is right next to the Gate, but please note that it's not a place for fun and appropriate behavior is expected from anyone. 

Go on a pub crawl in Berlin

Berlin is the city of culture and history, but it's also the party capital of Europe, so never go home without going to a Berlin pub crawl! This way it's a lot easier to get around the huge and sometimes chaotic nightlife of the city, and it's also a guaranteed party all the time! Pub crawls are usually guided by a local Berliner, who will make sure you get to know the party scene as much as possible.

Make new friends, try new drinks and have an unforgettable night with our Berlin Pub Crawl! 

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