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Pub Crawl in a nutshell

pub crawl map icon Meeting point: Mora Cocktail Bar, Grünberger Strasse 64.
pub crawl globe icon The biggest international party every night: meet new people!
pub crawl route icon Visit 3 authentic bars & 1 nightclub of Berlin
pub crawl drinks icon Free shots
Click to pub crawl booking Book
Click to pub crawl booking Book

The craziest pub crawl in berlin

Home to fantastic beer, electric parties and vibrant clubs, Berlin is not just the capital of a country; it is the party capital of a continent! With a unique, always ahead of the curve nightlife, tending to all various party needs, Berlin has something for everyone! Embark on a pub crawl adventure that explores the best of Berlin, with knowledgeable party guides, who know the ins and outs of this wonderful city. Bring your wits, charm, and be prepared for a night to remember with Pub Crawl Berlin! You will experience mouthwatering, quality German beer, and coupled with the welcoming spirit of the capital, a pub crawl in Berlin is a memory of a lifetime! Clichés are not welcome on a pubcrawl, but in this case it might be excusable, since Berlin is indeed Calling, and it is calling for you!

Come with us on a pub crawl of a lifetime as we visit the best pubs and bars of Berlin. Our tours are guided by our expert, (almost) all-knowing and English speaking staff! Millions of tourist visit Berlin every year, looking to have fun, see something local and authentic. The most hip bars are not always included in the guidebooks, but lucky for you, our guides always know where the party is at any given night! Frequented by locals and internationals alike, we proud ourselves on having a great mix of crowds going out with every pub crawl! We aim to excite!

What you get?

  • 3 authentic bars & 1 nightclub
  • 3 free welcome shots
  • 1 free beer on the walk
  • free VIP club entry to Matrix (save up to 10 euros)
  • 1 free drink voucher
  • local party guides

Meeting Point

  • Address: Mora Cocktail Bar, Grünberger Strasse 64.
  • Meeting time: 9:30 until 10:30
  • Most easily accessible via the Samariterstrasse metro stop.
  • Click for Google map


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