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Epic Party Movies

Pub crawls are essentially like nuclear reactors: there’s a lot of superheated controlled chaos going on! An epic night with Pub Crawl Berlin is something that our guests remember fondly, and while the past cannot be brought back, you can certainly relive some of the awesomeness by watching these feelgood, party-positive flicks! This is Pub Crawl Berlin, and a list of our favorite movies!

Pub Crawl Berlin and the must-see Eurotrip If you have seen this all time classic, you already know where this paragraph is headed at. Eurotrip is an epic road trip adventure set in, surprise, Europe. Suffice to say, Berlin, as the party capital of the country! Ja, Berlin!

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Do you know that feeling of anticipation before an awesome night, when you know that there is something electric in the air, that mood of inevitable greatness? If there ever was a film to capture that joy, it’ is this one. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off might not be a new movie, but its message still resonates with current generations!

Dope Speaking of generations, this one is a fresh take on youth and partying. While it is not a pub crawl movie, Dope is not your traditionally coming of age film either. Centered around three unusual L.A. high schoolers, Dope does great justice to showing how can we take control of our lives - a lesson that could be applied on you pubcrawl night-out too! Just sayin’ ;)

The Breakfast Club Back to the past, just to balance this article out. The Breakfast Club is yet another classic, a film that resonates with a timeless message. Drop your everyday facade and dare to be yourself - that is where the fun starts. Again, pub crawling is not for the faint of heart either, so remain true to yourself!

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