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Getting around in Berlin

Get ready for the ultimate adventure in Germany, your Berlin pub tour! Aside from making your travel arrangements and booking your pub crawl with us, you will need to know how to get around town. Let us give you a short overview of local transport options!

Best Christmas Markets in Budapest

Are you a fan of Berlin pub tours? If so, take a look at Budapest and make sure to try a great party night in the Hungarian capital. December is here, so are Christmas markets. Get your mulled wine glasses filled and see the best markets Budapest has to offer!

Know Your Liqueur – How Alcohol Affects the Body?

From a medical perspective, alcohol is probably not the best thing to consume. Well, we do it anyway, mostly on a Berlin pub tour, when you party till the morning light with your friends. If you take a quick look at the effects of alcohol, you might have better chances of surviving next day’s hangover.

The Story Behind Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest surely rings a bell for every beer-lover and fan of German culture, and of course Berlin pub crawl enthusiasts. If you’re into these, than you’ve probably been to an Octoberfest before somewhere in the world. Though invented in Bavaria, the event is celebrated all around the globe today to the enjoyment of millions. Here’s the story behind our favorite beer binge festival!

Top 5 Local Breweries around Berlin

When stayin’ in Berlin, don’t let your pub crawl go unfinished without tasting some of the best beers available in town. Recently, microbreweries gained popularity in contrast to big brands which brought a new taste into the already copious beer scene in Germany. Here’s a list of our top picks around Berlin!

The History of German Beer

Beer is one of the most ancient drinks in the world and Germans did their fair share of elevating it to this lofty status. If it weren’t for the medieval masters of brewery, this world would be a lot thirstier today. If you’re taking a pub crawl in Berlin, you must know the history of the German beer from the beginning.

Daytrips from Berlin

After a cool night of pub crawl in Berlin a little fresh air and some cultural activities wouldn’t hurt you. Berlin is a great city in itself, but there are some amazing activities just nearby that can be covered in a day trip. Here’s a list of our top picks!

Lesser known German drinks

Those who seek a true pub crawl in Berlin must, at first, get acquainted with some of the drinks this country has to offer. If you think that Germany is all about beer, than the following article will prove you wrong!

Lovely Public Parks of Berlin to Chill at

If you want to get ready for a night of pub crawl in Berlin, or just had one, you might head for one of the finest parks of the city to chill a bit. There’s nothing like leaning back on a bench under the shade or enjoying a little sunshine once in a while to get a break from it all. Not to mention that these attractions are free and always available. Berlin boasts of excellent parks and it would be a shame not to include them into your visit.

Safety Tips for the Berlin Nightlife

There’s nothing like an alcohol fueled crazy night spent with your lads (or gals). Yet, there are  people lurking under the neon lit lights of the great city of Berlin. People with not the best of intentions. Lucky for you, we are here to give a few tips, so you can enjoy your crawl in safety!

Must See Winter Events in Berlin

What to do when it is winter in Berlin? Pubcrawl Berlin collected you the must see winter events. Here is your to do list for the cold season.

Best Backpacker Bars in Berlin

Berliners wouldn’t know it but backpacker bars rule. These bars have something special to offer whether it’s because prices are reasonable – or super cheap – their excellent ambience and great music call for tourists and locals as well. If you are scouring Berlin for cheap booze or simply a fantastic bar to chill at then we have got you covered. Here are some of the best backpacker bars in Berlin.

The brief history of German beer, as presented by Pub Crawl Berlin

Beer is a major part of German culture. You may be surprised to learn that Germany has more than 1,200 breweries and more than 5,000 brands. Learn about the history of German beer as you delve into the taste, history and culture of this golden drink.

Getting budget accommodation in Berlin

Berlin is one of the best European capitals to visit: great party scene, lots of history, cool architecture and affordable prices. Finding budget accommodations in Berlin is pretty simple, as the prices are some of the lowest in Western Europe. You can find places that are near bars and clubs. Going for a pub crawl in Berlin is a good way to get to know people, have fun and visit top venues.

Pub Crawl Berlin Presents: Best Club Venues

Berlin is the beating heart of youth culture in Central Europe. With lots of events to offer, most visitors have a tough time finding the best places to visit. Bars, pubs, sights and tourist activities, picking the best of the best is not always easy. Luckily, the crew here at Pub Crawl Berlin has your back, this is our list of the best club venues for the city!

Five Drink Everyone Should Try on Their Pub Crawl

Germany is known for its rich drinking culture, most importantly a fine and professional taste for quality beer. Beer lovers do rejoice, a pub crawl has plenty quality German beer at hand, but drinking ale is only part of the full pub crawl Berlin drinking experience! This is our guide to what German drinks to try and avoid on your pubcrawl!

Epic Party Movies

Pub crawls are essentially like nuclear reactors: there’s a lot of superheated controlled chaos going on! An epic night with Pub Crawl Berlin is something that our guests remember fondly, and while the past cannot be brought back, you can certainly relive some of the awesomeness by watching these feelgood, party-positive flicks! This is Pub Crawl Berlin, and a list of our favorite movies!

Five Reason to Party With pub Crawl Berlin

Pub crawling is serious business, and as such, we would like to think that we are more than a simple service, we are providers of experiences! A night-out in a brand new city is always exciting, but wandering about on unfamiliar grounds can turn out to be a bit of a downer as far as having a great party goes. This is where Pub Crawl Berlin comes in to bail you out and provide the best party in a city you will soon learn to love!

Spring events in Berlin

Berlin is a city that never sleeps - yes, not just New York can claim that title, after all, it is the 21st century that we are living in! As one of the bonafide cultural capitals of not just Germany, but the whole world, Berlin has a lot to offer. Pubcrawls are a great way to get your bearings in a new city, but going to a great party cultural is an entirely different animal - not better, different! Pub Crawl Berlin is excited by these upcoming events!

Pub Crawl Berlin Recommended Sights

All night partying can be hard to keep up all day long, and that is when the usual sightseeing activities come into place. As the capital of Germany, luckily enough, Berlin has a lot to offer, ranging from historical buildings and great museums, to hip cafés and trendy galleries. Check out Pub Crawl Berlin’s favorite sights!

Food Guide By Pub Crawl Berlin

German cuisine might not be known for its colorfulness, but think again - Berlin and its rich street food and restaurant culture will prove you wrong! The city of culture, hip and young people is always ready to impress everyone with its latest ventures into international cuisine. So, foodies rejoice, this is Pub Crawl Berlin and a list of our favorite street food joints!

Bartalk With Pub Crawl Berlin

When talking about the most poetic languages people might neglect to mention German. Not surprisingly, the brash turmoil of consonants sound more like a freight train, then a proper language. This can discourage learners, but the language of Goethe is one that might fool you! Here at Pub Crawl Berlin we feel that a few nifty phrases can make or break a night!

December in Berlin

Berlin is a city that never stops, not even for winter. In fact, with the holidays just around the corner, Berlin is livelier than ever! With the warmth of Christmas spirit descending it is easy to get lost in the myriad of programs without a proper guide. So prepare your Stille Nacht, Pub Crawl Berlin is here to show you the way – december events and programs as recommended by us!

Top Cultural Sights for the Day After Your Berlin Pub Crawl

Berlin did not used to be the cultural capital of the world, not even the continent. Throughout history Paris and Rome always outshined other cities, not even giving a chance. In the last few decades, however, things might have changed. While the likes of the latter still boast a rich art scene, Berlin has emerged as modern culture powerhouse, where hip meets cool. This is pub crawl Berlin, and our take on the must sees of this vibrant city!